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The Tyler Scott Goldberg Foundation Is Established  

Tyler's family has established the Tyler Scott Goldberg Foundation (www.tylerscottgoldberg.com) in honor and memory of Tyler.  They proudly announce that the Foundation's Board of Directors is composed of a diverse and uniquely qualified group of experienced leaders, each of whom possesses the highest level of expertise in his/her profession.  The Board includes three of the incredible physicans who cared for Tyler at Jackson Memorial Hospital, several successful business leaders from the South Florida community, local educators with decades of combined experience in our public school system, skilled lobbyists, successful fundraisers for major charitable organizations as well as members of Tyler's immediate family.   

At its core, the Foundation's mission is to continue Tyler's legacy of love and compassion for others by: (1) preventing children from being injured in the operation of personal watercraft by working to change existing legislation that permits children under 16 to operate these dangerous vehicles and by obtaining overdue design changes to these dangerous and defective products, and (2) easing the suffering of those whose lives are impacted by the types of traumatic injuries typically associated with personal watercraft accidents through providing financial support for relevant medical research, enabling and expanding the scope and quality of sevices in trauma centers and pediatric intensive care units, and assisting families in coping with the many difficulties encountered when their child sustains similar injuries.  

With its impressive cross-section of members, the Board has the combined skills and resources needed to achieve its goals.  However, they cannot accomplish their mission alone.  In order to give Tyler the legacy he deserves, the Foundation needs volunteers to help organize events, experienced leaders to "get the message out," and the financial support of everyone who believes in its mission to protect our children and to prevent this type of tragedy from devastating any other family.  

Anyone who has been touched by Tyler, his life and/or his tragic death is encouraged to become involved with the Foundation.  With your support and generosity, we can achieve our mission and bring meaning to this otherwise meaningless situation.  Please visit the Foundation's website at www.tylerscottgoldberg.com.   

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