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i love you  / Your Brother Love U. (your brother )  Read >>
i love you  / Your Brother Love U. (your brother )
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i love you

Your Foundation  / Susan Sasse   Read >>
Your Foundation  / Susan Sasse
Know that your Foundation is working hard to make sure a tragedy like yours is never repeated.  Use your connections up there to get the word out about your Sunset Run/Walk!  The board is looking to help educate other high school students on water safety and keep your memory alive through a possible college scholarship.  Can't help but think of you and how you would have been doing in what would have been your senior year of high school.

Keep that star in the night sky shining bright for your mom!
where the heck are you  / Uncle Jeff   Read >>
where the heck are you  / Uncle Jeff


I guess today's question is where the heck are you?

You let the freakin Fish beat us not once but twice!!

I know you could be a little appathetic but come on.

I challange you to make sure the Jets win Noles win out and

Rangers go the finals. Its time you helped out a little.

Otherwise your new cousin is a joy and will help keep your name

forever there as your cousins showed there love to you by doing

what they did. I am very proud of them for it as I did not have

anything to do with it.

Well take care love ya



Uncle jeff


cant get the pictures out of my head  / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
cant get the pictures out of my head  / Mom (mommy)
As time goes on and events start to unwrap the pictures of the horrid start to what our lives are now are starting to come so vividly .
I just cannot fathom that a child would have to endure so much pain and I am sure so much fright and frustration . The determination and strength that you my son displayed was more than any one could have ever asked for  You gave a fight that just could not have been beat but you did it more than most men could in their lifetime .You truly showed what love and determination could endure .These are qualities that are hard to find in most adults never mind a sweet 14 year old boy ...
This would be your senior year your time  that you looked so forward to how sad and sickening . How unfair .Watching your friends grow excited and looking forward to their future is like a knife that goes right threw me though I would never want to take their pleasure and hope away .
It is just unfathomable how many people continue to remember so much about you and what you gave to others and what you now stand for . Each time I speak to someone new it just continues to stun me by how they remember you . Some are people that see children killed every day but for some reason you are instilled in their hearts even the most intricate details .
I always told you how special you are each of my children have a special gift and have the ability to embed themselves in peoples hearts.
I continue to be so thankful that there are so many good people out there that far surpass the bad but this lesson to be learned was paid by a high price and never should have been .
 I know that people cannot truly understand what a chore it is to go through each second of the day without your arms wrapped around us . With knowing that your physical future has been taken away from you .
 As we sit to write a page in the yearbook for you to be part of your senior class what does one write it is suppose to be about your hopes and dreams.
For you it is about remembering and never forgetting and preventing another family to walk in our shoes . These are shoes that are way too heavy to walk in .
But our work and I say our meaning the people who work so hard on the foundation the community the friends family and so so many more that are fighting to do good to save lives to educate to make changes so that your face is instilled in everyones minds ...
The definition of a hero is you ..Tyler Scott and only the truth will speak no one can change history no one can change the truth and it is being told and it is saving lives .As time goes on more and more people are joining us in our venture -I guess that is what pay it forward is and you certaintly started the links and now we will continue to fight as hard as you did .
My heart is broken and torn apart but if you can endure what you have had to we can continue on and do what we have to .Heart gives us strength the love and support holds us up like an anchor and somehow we will all do it together because of you ....
whats up  / Uncle Jeff   Read >>
whats up  / Uncle Jeff


Where were you this weekend as we had to endure the ridiculous and sublime with FSU losing to GATECH and the jets losing to the fish. Obviously you were busy doing something else.

Well I am sure you are proud of your cousins and the honor Michele and he bestowed upon you naming there sonmy grandson with your name as a middle one and using your hebrew name. As with everything else that has happened you will live into the next generation.

All here is the same BS at its best. The good news is we know more about your "unfortunate accident". Guess it wasn't just an accident huh? It was a very preventable event that we all know now without question should never have happened. This is why we are all so angry because you didn't have a shot .

More to come

Pay attention to what is important remember we put a brick for you at your intended school FSU so turn it around. The jets are next we can go all the way with a few bounces here and there so wake up.

Just so you know I left a important piece of your cousins being with year don't laugh too hardlol

love ya


uncle jeff

found this and thought wow  / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
found this and thought wow  / Mom (mommy)

Don't Tell Me

Please don't tell me you know how I feel
Unless you have lost your child too
Please don't tell me my broken heart will heal
Because that is just not true
Please don't tell me my son is in a better place
Though it is true I want him here with me
Don't tell me someday I'll hear his voice see his face
Beyond today I cannot see
Don?t tell me it is time to move on
Because I cannot
Don?t tell me to face the fact he is gone
Because denial is something I can't stop
Don't tell me to be thankful for the time I had
Because I wanted more
Don't tell me when I am my old self you will be glad
I'll never be as I was before
What you can tell me is you will be here for me
That you will listen when I talk of my child
You can share with me my precious memories
You can even cry with me for a while
And please don't hesitate to say his name
Because it is something I long to hear everyday
Friend please realize that I can never be the same
But if you stand by me you may like the new person I become someday.
when does it stop hurting  / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
when does it stop hurting  / Mom (mommy)

I have attempted to write so many times but the words are so hard to find to express my feelings.

So much has transpired so much has happened so many things have come out that have been just overwhelming and unthinkable.

Its not enough that we have to try to make it through each moment of the day the best way we know possible but we have to continue with so much more and cant evenn attempt to deal with the horror of our reality .

First we have to deal with the rea;lity of the truth that took so long to come out though we always knew it was there.It doesnt hurt any less.

The pain that you had to enduare is more than we can ever have so beause of your strength and endurance we will continue to stay strong and not allow anything to take us down . We will only make good out of somthing so horrrific and try to ensur thAT NOONE else has to deal with the pain the horror.

Now there is a new addition who bears your name what an honor for both you and him. Your cousin gave you the greatest gift that anyone could do and what a beautiful little boybut it is two fold as everything is now he never should have had to do it .......

There will be more but for now I am amazed by the people that are coming out of the woodwork to keep your name integrity and love alive along with passing the message of responsibility and safety .

For now my son I love you heartt and soul-and there is not a minute that goes by that you are not in our heartsour minds and our souls ...

There will be so much more to come just continue to shine and give us the strength .

my wonderful grandson  / Grandma (grandmother)  Read >>
my wonderful grandson  / Grandma (grandmother)
Tyler my love; you have a new cousin. Landon Tyler Rosen. Cousin Brett and Michele had a baby boy and named him after you.I will give you all the details when i speak to u tonite. im tired and will write again soon.  love you always.   xxxxx hugs grandma and poppy Close
Tyler / Zach Stemer   Read >>
Tyler / Zach Stemer

This is the first time I am writing on this site because it is too hard to even bear coming on the site... Tonight will not be the night in which i write my whole long shpiel but i want you to know that i love you and you will always be in my heart. I will never forget the impact you had on my life and i dont know where i would be without you today.
You are greatly missed by all of your friends past and present even when it may not always be shown. I hope your mom knows i would do anything for her Cole you or your family...

I love you and miss you everyday....


Zach Close
Living with you by my side.  / Becca Zollo (friend)  Read >>
Living with you by my side.  / Becca Zollo (friend)

I know i haven't been on here in a while but i've been thinking about you nonstop! a few weeks ago i basically lived at your house. It was hard. You know it's been three years and i still can't get over it. When i was at your house your brother reminded me of you more and more each day. It's scary how much he acts like you. Tyler i was watching cole and his little new girlfriend payton (lyould be SOOOO proud of him and how much of a chick magnet he is lol.). they were soo cute together. When she left he had to play the wii. And hes really good at it. lol. He kicked me butt in wii sports lol. But when i was in your room looking around it all... soo many memories. starting from your batmitzfah (or how ever you spell it lol) to your friends (from the poster jared n josh and britney murphy made you). It's sooo hard to forget you and soo easy thinking about how amazing life would be with you here.

My therapist told me everything happens for a reason. And when she said that i blew up on her and started crying my eyes out because the only reason it would've been was something i hope wouldve eventually happened. Ty when she said that my heart just stopped. like i couldn't believe she said that. You were the only kid i ever knew that could make anyone laugh their butts off. lol. the sparkle in your eyes always showed that deep inside you that you cared for everyone.

But your mom most of all.... Gosh i love her. lol. Shes been getting stronger and stronger by the day. Shes my hero because i dont know how she does it. Shes amazing. You sisters are the same way.

me and britney(sorry brit and i.. your mom would correct me lol.) were sitting in on the couch talking about you. and i finally told someone the real reason i still havent forgiven myself for not seeing you in the hospital. You were always there for me.. from boyfriends to my problems with my dad. You were there for me when i played stupid AYSO soccer and ROLLER SKATED to see my game and me in the goal kicking butt. And the one time you needed me... i wasnt there for you. and it sucks! i really wanted to be there... but i listened to people telling me how i shouldnt because how hard it was and i shouldnt have. i should have put my foot down and been there for you in a heart beat just like you were there for me. and still to this day it kills me inside tyler!! its sooo hard. ughh. :'[

theres this song i have on my c.d in my car (and yes i got my license. watch out now *cheering up a little*) and its my song for you. Its "grenade jumper" by Fall Out Boy. It talks about "how you came to watch us (me) play (soccer). like a big shot tallent." but my favorite part is.


"I know you would be there either way
I'm so glad it seems like these times will never fade
I know you would be there either way
(So I'll tell everyone how much this means how much this means to me)
I'm so glad it seems like these times will never fade (So I'll tell everyone I see!)

Hey Chris you were our only friend.
And I know this is belated we love you back."


because "you would be there either way". and "times (and memories) will never fade". and we all love you. "and i know this is belated" means when i wasnt there for you when you werent in the hospital but i just wanted to say "we (i) love you back. "

tyler i love you and i will never forget you. your stickers on my car and your here in my heart permanetly! i love you ty.

love and miss you

so much yet so little words  / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
so much yet so little words  / Mom (mommy)
whats to say I have been on here trying to write but there is no way to out in words what comes from a brokentorn heart.
Watching all your friends coming out to the dolphin camp for you was incredible and heartbreaking .Seeing how they have maturedhow they are moving on with their liveshopes and dreams that you always talked about . All taken away ......
Watching your sisters heartbroken yet trying so hard to be strong .
Watching your brother grow up without you here physically here with himknowing he has so many unanswered questions so many things he
wonders about .
How a family has been changed forever never able to know what real happiness will be what life should have been for all of us .
Just can't figure out what and why ? why you the person who had so much heart so much love so many dreams and so many who love and cared for you .
How does one put that in words. You can'tunless someone walks in our shes they cant comprehend the heartbreak the struggle each and every minute of the day nor would they want to .
The only thing I can do is protect another familyanother child and make sure that no one ever forgets you and who you are .You fought like no other I will get the strength to do the same for your sisters and brother and all those other families .I will do what ever I have to to make sure that you make a difference and continue throughout generations to do so .
No more words I scream inside ..but no one really hears it . Close
fish fry  / Uncle Jeff   Read >>
fish fry  / Uncle Jeff

Hey Tyler

This is our third year of working the Dolphin mimi camp for your foundation. Thanks to dave Bowers for his support.

Kind of irinic me being amongst that ugly teal annd orange. the dolphin officials wanted to me a tee shirt I refused and put on a FSU shirt and they didn't like that either. Too bad huh.

Well hope you are doing well and keeping the family on its toes.

Here is more of the same as some don't know that enough is enough but to use their acronym be careful what you wish for.

gotta go

love ya


uncle jeff

another day passes  / Uncle Jeff   Read >>
another day passes  / Uncle Jeff


Whats up (dumb question ) you are up as high as you can go.

Hope you and the family are well. We miss all of them along with you. As you can see alot going here but everyone gains more strength day by day. Mom and your sisters and brother are continuing on there journey ahead to make you proud. Dad is doing what he has to to make through every day.

The struggle will continue to make sure you are a center piece for safety and intelligent parental responsibility. We will continue the fight till we have no breath left. That you can depend on. We will ultimately find out what really happened that fateful day and it will be for all to see.It won't bring you back but it will expose the fraud and lies that surround your death no more BS.

IT will not go for naught. You will be there leading the way in spirit.

We will  take solace and peace in the truth.

Love ya kiddo


Uncle Jeff

mrsboehm@mac.com / Denise Boehm (friend)  Read >>
mrsboehm@mac.com / Denise Boehm (friend)
Just visiting Tyler today. Thinking of the family often. Close
tyyy. <333  / Becca Zollo (friend)  Read >>
tyyy. <333  / Becca Zollo (friend)
So today and yesterday I was at your house! Your mom went through your clothes today and almost had me in tears. Ty I'm getting my license like next week! How scary is that ty! Haha. So cole, I, your mom, jordan, and brittany all had pool party today! Haha. It was fun. We were suppose to have a balloon fight but it didn't end up happening. So in therapy my therapist is trying to tell me that there was a reason for all of this.. I could only think of one reason but still. No1 in the world knows why this happened and what was the "reason". I really hope that this foundation ends up spreading all over the place and people come involved. Because it really is a great foundation and no one really understands the dangers until some one close to them gets into trouble. Well ty I love you so much and you'll always be in my heart! And I really wished that the dolphins camp goes good and ill be there by ur mommys side when ever she needs me. I love you tyler! :D Love always, Becca P.s- I'm glad everyones getting along. And I know you had something to do with them being ar the same place and same time when visiting you. Close
hard to believe  / Uncle Jeff   Read >>
hard to believe  / Uncle Jeff


Its been a little while since I wrote but you must be busy because you have been not very helpful here. The days go by but the questions continue to perplex even the crazist of us all.

Lots of lies and Bs but that s to be expected but the truth will emerge and we can finally understand what really happened.

It may not change anything but at least we will know.

I have more to say but I will hold it for now.I promise I will write it and to hell with anyone who doesn't like it.  Cowards generally don't like the truth but thats why they are cowards.

No need for any one to add to this just a little venting for now.

Love ya and miss that grin


Uncle Jeff

it is just too difficult  / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
it is just too difficult  / Mom (mommy)
So it is 5 in the morning and I cant sleep.All I can think about is what happened ? How on this earth did this ever happen?
How could we all go on without our TYLER?
I am staring at the star and just cant face the reality of what really is.
our tyler scott goldberg , forever in our heart.  / Grandma (grandma)  Read >>
our tyler scott goldberg , forever in our heart.  / Grandma (grandma)

Dear tyler; its been a while since i have written you, but it just is too hard for me. I want to talk to you face to face so i can play with your hair and hug you and kiss you. I cant fathom not seeing you anymore. It just hurts too much. I get so much anger when i realize it was so avoidable, and due to so much carelessness and selfishness. he could have stopped with his son not our precious young man. He was legally allowed to make such a decision for his son NOT TYLER. He was warned by tylers mom and me not to go on that killing machine and he ignored both of us. So now we paid for it forever, not him, buy..... he will pay. What goes around comes around... Fear not Tyler you will live forever in our hearts and memories and guess what in his too. how about thatnow my love you rest and keep a close watch on us, I, really need your prayers now, so stay close to me , that will give me strength to keep going. 

cole misses you, britt and jordan have not recovered and most of all your mom and dad are hanging on for your memories.

love love love    grandma and poppy


another year older, another year without you.  / Brittany Goldberg (Oldest Sister )  Read >>
another year older, another year without you.  / Brittany Goldberg (Oldest Sister )

This morning I woke up to four balloons, one from each of my siblings, yet only two stood in my doorway. The pain struck my heart as I realized the subtle symbolism with the balloons and who had brought them to me. Today was the day that hurt the most. I think about all of the birthdays we shared together, and how we loved having our birthdays so close together. I miss our birthday dinners and the funny cards we would exchange. I miss not taking enough pictures and not being able to take new ones. Any family picture we take will NEVER be complete...ever. It's the worst feeling in the world when you long for something so badly just to create some sort of sense that you are still included in whatever we do...even if it means standing next to a picture of you. I love you so much.

Happy Birthday To Us...

irony? / Uncle Jeff   Read >>
irony? / Uncle Jeff


First off Happy Birthday 17 damn Mom is getting old.

Well were does one start other than the begining I guess. I took Grandma down to visit one of her doctors yesterday and what are the odds its right accross from th eRyder Trauma Center where we spent so much time and anguish waiting,always waiting.

While I was waiting for her Poppy and I saw a helicopter land and take another soul to the hands of the doctors. Just a very strange day indeed. We then as you know wen to the cemetery to visit you and just sit and cry about how a human life so alive and ready to bloom was stricken by .............................................

Someday I will let my feelings out but noyt here not now. Anyway pretty weird day huh?

Well more to come enjoy your birthday with the rest of the family

love ya kisses

Uncle jeff

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