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happy birthday  / Uncle Jeff   Read >>
happy birthday  / Uncle Jeff

Dear Tyler:

It is hard to write Happy Birthday when in our world there is nothing happy about it. Your death has taken a piece from everyone of us that knew and loved you. It has eaten years of life from your family as the pain never ceases for MOM and DAD and your sisters and even Cole who can't piece it all together yet but HE WILL. Whenever someone passes the way you did at a tender age in accident that should never been allowed to happen there are always the why's and if's.There is guilt and blame all around but frankly we all now know what really happened that day and the only two witness's that day know the truth. I hope it haunts them the rest of their lives. While they go to work or school and enjoy the worldly things others walk around dazed and in pain all the time. Yet they continue to try and torture those in distress as if it makes them tougher. Well tough guy you know where I am why not try me? Why because you are a coward and frankly don't even deserve the words I am typing. This should be about my love for you Tyler but I can't help be angry as I see your sisters suffer in pain and your mother and dad walk around in a fog because of a selfish decison that he thinks he can walk away from. NEVER EVER WILL WE LET HIM FORGET WHAT HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR. I should be punching you in the head wishing you luck on going to the only school that matters FSU instead we have a brick by th efountain with your name on it. Sorry but it has taken three years to let it out and TYler we miss you and your Aunt Cousins and name sake Lando Tyler miss you.

Enjoy your day with our family and we will have a drink or two in your honor. You are in death what you couldn't be in life and that is movement to educate and legislate safety on the water.

LOve ya knucklehead

Love and kisses

Uncle Jeff Aunt Grace

Birthday / Zach Stermer (Friend)  Read >>
Birthday / Zach Stermer (Friend)
So it is 12:15 AM on Mei 26 2010. You would've turned 18 15 minutes ago something that is absolutely killing me. Thinking about you really takes a toll on me. The signs and things that remind me of you are everywhere whether it be my passwords on the internet to the password on my phone all of which relate to you in some way shape or form. I truly do miss you every single day. I truly do believe that things happen for a reason so there must be some really good reason why you are not here to celebrate your 18th birthday graduation prom etc. with me. I know it kills your mom to see everyone going to college and not see you there with us. But then again you are going to college. You are going to UF with me (although I'm pretty sure you would prefer FSU) Michigan with Jonny and so on. Tyler your 18th birthday was supposed to be a time of celebration of all of the accomplishments of high school and you becoming an adult in the eyes of the law. In a few weeks we would've graduated together having spent 13 years as best friends. While these days are exciting and fun they are missing the element of comfort you brought into my life. You not being here is completely surreal with me hoping that I will wake up from a bad dream and you will still be here. I believe that you watch over me our friends your mom sisters brother and the rest of your family. I will never forget the influence you had on my life; making me the person I am today. Instead of your birthday being joyous it is a day that i am sad. There is not a moment that i do not think about you and pray for you and your family. Your mom is a trooper and Cole is adorable. I truly see every part of you in him. So happy birthday Tyler my best friend and my brother. You will never be forgotten Close
18? / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
18? / Mom (mommy)
Well been through mothers day the third mark of that horrendous day the day you left us physically mothers day and now coming onto your 18th birthday.your sisters birthday fathers day  How much more is one suppose to endure.
This is the time of your life that you always talked about graduation your 18th birthday moving onto the best times of your life and it will never happen.
I walk around in circles with  the picture of you in  my head. I played your voice the other day from my cell phone. You thought if you were my ringer that I would pick it upthis was a joke that you playedto show your sisters who was the favoritewhat a joke. Little did one know the significance of having that .
Everyone is talking about prom graduationParents are making comments to me how tiring it is getting prepared Do you realize that my son dosent have a future and as they speak I am just screaming insideall I can say to them without being rude is it is all good things .What I really want to say is do you realize my son dosent have a future that my son lost everything along with all of us .That my son who loved life so much has been stolen from us .That every day I walk by an empty roomthat everyday I walk by an empty place on the couch an emptY seat at the tablean empty seat in the car .
That every day is an effort to make the days ok for the familywhen they are really not ok.
So now your 18th birthday what does one do hide screamwhat ..I AM Not really sure other then try to save lives and put all my energy into that . So many if's so many of so much but not enough of anything .Everything is incomplete everything is filled with avoidance of knowing the painfear and ultimate that was or must have been going on in that beautiful head of yours .
I thank goodness that when things seem reallly low there is a wonderful person that proves to me that there are good people who innately care and love and have heart . When I see the smiles and laughs in my classroom it makes another moment bearable.
So our quest continues to get the word out our determiniation increases.
One day the truth is going to come out for all to know.
So for the one who continues to try to tear my family apart I dont believe in much but I do believe in karma .. Close
always on our mind  / Uncle Jeff   Read >>
always on our mind  / Uncle Jeff

Hey Knuckle head:

Been awhile since I wrote but doesn't mean we aren't thinking about you. Had alot going on with Mom and her divorce. Unfortunately it has been a nightmare but he is what he is. I can write it now and I hope he reads it.

The good news it is over and she can move on. The facts have started to come out about the accident and it is a shame that the nore we know the worse it becomes. We all carry guilt and I only wish I had gone that day because you never would have gone on in that spot never ever.

That being said we cannot change history only fight to make sure it doesn't happen to another. They have finally changed the seadoos now so that they can stop and in their ads show a potential collision and how it could stop. Too little to late for us but it certainly will help others.

Well you messed up the Ranger season but we are looking for a great football season .


3 years ,so much pain yet so much learned  / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
3 years ,so much pain yet so much learned  / Mom (mommy)
Words are difficult to come by it is what I have always said what is innately in the heart is what counts  . As three years three horrific trying painful years have gone there has been so much learned and so much love.
One always said there is a reason for everything what goes around comes around karma always catches upGod only gives one what they can handle. I use to believe in those things no longer. I now believe that perservance strength and love is the only thing that holds one standing vertical through such horrific times.
I can only say my son that you are an amazing soulthat you bring out the best in people you bring out the strength in those that never knew they had it but that was no secretyou always did those things. You have saved so many and will continue to but you should never have paid the price . You should never had endured the painthe fear ..There are those who deserve to feel that which you had to so that maybe they would learn the lesson of what a true human being is what a true man and heart is .Though those who would need that lesson never learn it regardless . How conflicting is that I guess it goes with only the good are taken .But you were not taken you were stolen .They say life is not fair how true.
The love and kindness that has been displayed these past three years from the very young to the old is overwhelming . It tells me that no matter what no matter how much pain our family has and will endure without your physical arms around us you will never be forgotten nor will your pain and fight for life. Your lessons will be learned throughout forever and we will make sure of it .
We have just started our venture and it will continue throughout even when I am no longer here because of the power of your heart .
i never got the chance to meet you  / Marina Abdalla (friend of a friend )  Read >>
i never got the chance to meet you  / Marina Abdalla (friend of a friend )
I never got the chance to meet you but what Becca told me about you i wish i had. You were always there for her and she misses you dearly. However she knows that your in a better place and one day you two will meet again. I know she will always have you in her heart and now so will I. You will never be forgotten. RIP Tyler Close
our beloved grandson  / Grandma Rosen (grandma)  Read >>
our beloved grandson  / Grandma Rosen (grandma)
dearest tyler; its been three long torturing years since we were able to hug you and mess your hair. can not believe it. you are in our hearts and minds 24/7. the ache never heals just is there. nothing we can do but bare the pain and put on a smile with all our memories. poppy and i have too many to even mention but we do together. cole is taking over on the ice skating rink and  i know you are guiding him.  nothing else to say except we miss you and love you so much. hope you are taking care of your sister and of couse nanny and grandpa barney and so on....... love love love grandma Close
I never new you  / Courtney Cormack (friend of a friend )  Read >>
I never new you  / Courtney Cormack (friend of a friend )
I never had the chance to meet you. I've just started at a weston school I saw you on my friend's facebook status. You seem to be an amazing person I wish I'd had the chance. Its unfair how chances are snatched how lives are taken. Now you're up in heaven watching over your friends and family I just wish I had the chance to know you and be one of the ones you watch over. I shall meet you when my time comes. Long live your memory. Close
In Your Amazing Memory  / Jana Arnold (Friend)  Read >>
In Your Amazing Memory  / Jana Arnold (Friend)

I know this will sound crazy but I still can't believe you're gone.
I feel like the next time I'm in Weston I'll run into you at Publix or something.
But I know I won't.
Thursday will mark the three year passing of an incredible person.
I suggested to the facebook group that was made in your memory that on Thursday April 1 2010 we should do something to remind the world that we remember you and that you will never be forgotten. I know that we'll be sad yet even then we should smile because you would have wanted us to.

I think on Thursday we should do something small in unison like all of us wearing a green ribbon pinned to our shirt to match our green "Just Go For It" bracelet (from the Tyler Scott Goldberg Foundation).
But I think we should also do something that seems small but is really big.
Just something simple like helping a little old lady cross the street or making someone smile on a bad day or inviting the stranger in the corner to eat lunch with our group.
Something that will just make a difference and put a smile on someone else's face.
Because Tyler you made us smile so frequently. :)

I miss you so much. I think about you everyday I don't know why but you always seem to cross my mind. Although it makes me sad thinking about you always gives me strength. I will never forget our times together in Mr. Bryant's social studies class or in the Hebrew school classes that I wish weren't such a blur.

"When those we love go away they never really leave us;
they are with us now wherever we are.
Those whom we cherished live on forever
for love wraps itself around the heart.
Although it’s difficult now
someday beyond our tears and all the world’s wrongs;
beyond the clouds and all that we can see and touch
we shall all understand."  -Flavia

Your friend Jana

Today marks 3 years.  / Becca Z. (friend)  Read >>
Today marks 3 years.  / Becca Z. (friend)
Sooo.. before i found out this was the song on your site i listened to it nonstop thinking of you. soo this is how i'll start off for you ty:

This is for my peoples who just lost somebody.
Your best friend your baby your man or your lady.
Put your hand way up high. (Put em way up high)
We will never say bye. [no no no] ('N hear you say goodbye)

Mommas Daddies Sisters Brothers Friends & Cousins.
This is for my peoples who lost their grandmothers.
Lift your hand to the sky. (Lift em way up high.)
Cuz we will never say bye. ('N hear you say goodbye.)

Even though I know your gone I know I'll see you again.
One thing that I can promise we gon' meet up again.
Hopefully up in Heaven prayin that I'm forgiven
For everything that I've done and that I forgot to mention.
It feels so bad to be without my homie.
And ever since you been absent I been so lonely.
Why does life recycle around like a trophy?
Even though somebody took the time to warn me.
That you can't be with me and it's just crazy.
And everyday I'm wishin that you'd come save me.
And I know a man ain't suppose to cry.
It's takin' all my strength and my soul to say goodbye.

Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
[Say goodbye.]
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
[Say goodbye.]
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
Bye Bye.
[Say goodbye.]

And you never got a chance to see how good I've done.
And you never got to see me back at number one.
I wish that you were here to celebrate together.
I wish that we could spend the holidays together.

I remember when you use to tuck me in at night.
With a teddy bear you gave me that I held so tight.
I thought you were so strong and make it through whatever.
It's so hard to accept the fact you're gone forever.

I never knew I could hurt like this.
And everyday life goes on I
Wish I could talk to you for a while.
Wish I could find time not to cry.
As time goes by.

As soon as you reached a better place.
Still I'd give the world to see your face.
And I'm right here next to you.
Feels like you gone too soon.
Now the hardest thing to do is say bye bye.

Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
Bye Bye.

-Lil Wayne-
How come they call it goodbye?
How come the good die?
See I just get high.
Think of the good time that I had with my Pop.
He was a good guy how come the good die?
As I protect my mother cuz I'm her older son.
And there are different worlds and we in the coldest one.
Which one did granny go to?
And why do death come?
As my baby ask where do babies come from?
I tell her where I tell her why
I tell her I love her until I tell her bye.
And whenever I shall if ever die.
I hope you celebrate it I dont never hate it.
They say that heavens gated but I think I know the code.
Lets get yo life right by the end of the road.
Dats why I drive alone down memory lane.
So if I crash I hope yall remember Wayne.

I never knew I could hurt like this.
And everyday life goes on I
Wish I could talk to you for a while.
Wish I could find time not to cry.
As time goes by.

And as soon as you reached a better place.
Still I'd give the world to see your face.
And I'm right here next to you.
Feels like you gone too soon.
Now the hardest thing to do is say bye bye.

Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
It's all the same
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
So come on somebody sing it with me
Wave your hands up high! HEY!
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
'Cause this is for my people's
Who just lost somebody
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
See this is for everybody
Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.
Just lift ya hands to the sky
Bye Bye.
'Cause we wont ever say goodbye

No one had the right lyrics... or atleast not the way i hear it... soo i basically had to type this whole thing. lol

soooo lets break up this song:

Hopefully up in Heaven prayin that I'm forgiven
For everything that I've done and that I forgot to mention.
you know what that parts about. how i felt i never got to be there for you when you needed me the most.. but u were always there for me.. :[
It feels so bad to be without my homie.
lol. you were always my homie/gangsterrr lol.
And ever since you been absent I been so lonely.
Why does life recycle around like a trophy?
Even though somebody took the time to warn me.
That you can't be with me and it's just crazy.
And everyday I'm wishin that you'd come save me.
from everything i've been going threw lately.. i wish i had u here walking me threw all the tough times.
And I know a man girl ain't suppose to cry.
It's takin' all my strength and my soul to say goodbye.

And you never got a chance to see how good I've done.
And you never got to see me back at number one.
I wish that you were here to celebrate together.
Well guess what ty.... i got into FAU! :] like i've always wanted. I'm going for early education like i've always wanted to do. i wish you were here to see me going from what i've been going threw to all the back to number one n achieving my dream when many told me i couldnt..
As I protect try to be there for my ur mother cuz I'm her older son. her adpoted daughter/ bestfrend (lol)

Theres just soo much to say that i dont even know where to start. well lets start the first sentence with a given. Ty I miss you sooo much! Grad night is coming up prom and graduation. Its soo hard to mention stuff to your mom because I know its hard for her because shes thinking you should be here doing these things with me. I went to visit u yesterday by myself for the first time before I had to go to work. It was soo hard. But I think I liked it better cuz I could just sit there n cry without anyone watching and just laugh when thinking about everything weve done in the pass. I left u a little crown by Coles toys cuz I know when prom comes you will be there wit everyone and plus I wanted you to know ill be thinking about u when im there.
Well I spent a week with your family and it was just soo easy for me to clear my mind. Your bedroom door is always open for everyone to just go in there and think/play games and everything else. And I realized one time you were there and I knew you wanted me to know that. The way I got the chills and felt you there and Ranbows face and just everything… ty I know your trying to show me sometimes you’re here and not to give up and it makes me keep going. When we went to John Edwards… EVERY STORY had a little part of you in it. I know for a fact you were there trying to hint it to us. But I hope next time you come and he points to us and actually tells us your here. I think every1 will realize everything is ok and will know that you want them to know its ok and that your proud of your mom being soooo strong. But a part of me thinks your scared to but tyler we all love you and I just wish you could come to us next time so we can stop thinking “what if” he comes… what would he say…. How would he give us the clues.. and what would ty say about us today and how weve been overcoming all of these obstacles.
Well on the next thing… ur lil mini me Cole. Ohhhh where to start! Hehe. Omgosh ty… hes going up before our eyes… he opens up to me and tells me things like im his best friend. And I think its because he knows I use to be best friends with you Ty and that your letting him know he can trust me. Hes adorable! He’s following in your footsteps. He just started ice skating!!! Its SOOOOOO funny! He falls down and looks at ur mom (while she laughs when he gives that goofy smile like u use to do too) and he plays with the ice chippings/snow. I told him he should just make a snow angel. Hehe. He waits for the girl to come around sometimes soo she can pick him up! Hehe. But Lala came and your dad and Jordan and Brittany!!! We’re all there supporting him. Your dad is just too funny. We were just at lunch and we were talking about the stories and were laughing about everything. I wanna cry but Im not suppose to… im suppose to remember the good times and realize youre in a better place. Well back to your dad.. lol. We went for breakfast and he gave cole ur hockey metal.. and they told him it was urs n cole just had THE CUTEST smile on his face n his eye sparkled! You would be soo proud of him tyler.
Well todays the 3 year marking the accident happened… mom woke me up today… my alarm didn’t go off and I just didn’t feel like getting up. Its soo hard when I think about u and I know stuff was left unsaid. Like ty i miss you soo much. I tried to make my own playlist like ur mom has for her car. Like when im having a bad day.. I put on these songs and think of u and know ur sitting next to me telling me not to give up and to not let anyone stop me. Ty I miss you so much! And I know youre looking over all of us!! And I promise… for graduation… I will try my HARDEST to make something happen. I love you Tyler Scott Goldberg! <333

our love  / Grandma Rosen (grandmother)  Read >>
our love  / Grandma Rosen (grandmother)
dearest tyler; its been a while because i just cant seem to say how i feel and how i am without you. everytime i would go to the pool here at my house i see you tied to the bar with your bathingsuit... remember how we all laughed and your sweet smile was so catching. so... i havent been going too often. everyone always talks about your pool game in the club house. all the times you spent with us on summer break. too hard to bare. i miss you sooo much cant even fathom the pain. i go through each day with a pain in my heart for the yearning to see and spend time with you. it just doesnt get better .... cant put into words what i would like to see pay back. it wont bring you back but it just might ease the pain to see the cause sufffer too. it will happen we just have to believe and it will happen. you will live forever in so many hearts and minds. i hope you hear me every nite before i go to sleep. i never miss a nite talking to you. be good and kiss all our beloved families that are with you. kiss rian for us.  love you always we will be together one day.   grandma Close
my sweet boy  / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
my sweet boy  / Mom (mommy)
It has been awhile since I could attempt to write . The time is going so fast yet it is standing still with so much painfrustration and so much hurt . Each day I try to get through with my head up and attempting to make it a day ok for your brother and sister though I know in my heart they are doing the same .
I cant stand the reality I cant stand that for some your presence is going further away . I cant stand that on the outside looking in that it looks like it is all ok when it is so not .
If only I could go back in time If only I could hold your hand againfeel your arms wrapped around me or see that little smirk on your face that says everything is ok. It is not ok It is not ok that all your dreams hopes and future has been grabbed away when you fought so hard .
The words are so hard to find to express what is in what is left of my heart . I just shake my head when I know no one can understand nor can I blame them for that who would weant this pai.
Poppy once said that if everyone out their keys on the table with all their problems and hurt they would take back their own keys rather than someone elses except mineours -is as close to how I CAN EXPLAIN THAT and hoe sad is that ..no one would ever want to be us .No one would ever want to be in our shoes or live our life or think of their child fight endure and lose what you and all of us have .
Though some have moved on and maybe the passion is not as strong I will make sure that everyone keeps fighting to make sure no one ever has to be us or especially you .
I think of you lying in that bed knowing hurting not only physically but emotionally with out the capability of expressing it or getting the comfort you truly needed .
I sit and wonder each day if you knew how much we were trying to help you fight how much we loved  and love you how much we felt helpless yet could never let you know .
I never told you it was ok to go if you couldnt do it anymore I wouldnt even let that be a possibllity but my son youa re my love my heart and continue to be my strength if you could fight so can we .
Time may seem like it is going but you are not going away .
I LOVe you you are imprinted in all of us and continue to be the strength that helps us take each breath every day .
Your brothers birthday was so hard ...but he holds onto your powerrang doll as if he is keeping you with him as well. Your love for him has remained somehow in his heart and continues to keep him the happy go luvky sweet little boy he is because of what you gave to himas you gave to so many
ok so what happened.  / Uncle Jeff   Read >>
ok so what happened.  / Uncle Jeff


Been awhile since I wrote but I wanted to wait to see what you could accomplish. Well here is your scorecard:

1- We got to the AFC championship game  A

2- Beat Cincy and San Diego A

3- lose to Colts c-

Overall rating B plus.

That being said well done glad to see you actively involved in what is important. Mom and your family is doing ok living moment by moment always keeping you alive and relevant. The legislation will pass this year and hopefully keep another child from your pain and suffering. More to come.

Love ya miss that dumb smile


uncle jeff


"58" / Kaylin (Friend)  Read >>
"58" / Kaylin (Friend)
I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately know that you’re always in my thoughts and prayers. I was looking through my box of old notes I have and I came across one that was about you. It was a note that Brittany and I wrote one day. In one point of the note it said I <3 58. I remember when we consider ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend (we were so shy!) Id always say I <3 58 for your name initials. Anyways just know that you haven’t been replaced anywhere. Everyone loves and misses you so much. In the Meadows we don’t play tag truth or dare or any of those games anymore. It wouldn’t be the same without you and everyone has gotten older. I miss the old days those where we play football every Friday after school @ the park. Brittany and I have our moments where we talk about you and well go kayaking to the island to see the memorial that has your name on it. I’m sure you are happy about your Jets doing good this season!! I will see again someday on the other side. Miss you so much.

"you won't get the reason why but God will give you the resources to get through it"

miss u baby <3  / Jordan Goldberg (Sister)  Read >>
miss u baby <3  / Jordan Goldberg (Sister)

i havent been on here in what seems like forever but that doesnt mean i dont think about you all the time <3 there is not a day that i dont think about you. some days are easier then others 3years almost? it feels like yesterday ty. i remember the day to the tee and to think i fed u ur last meal =( ugh this isnt easy ty it really isnt but ive learned to live with it.. when im upset i know i cant pick up the fone and call u or run into ur room and lay in bed with u .. but i can only hope that ur looking down on me and helping me get through every obstacle life gives me... i feel u with me all the time and its comfortating but at the same time scary.. i never imagined living life with out you i took it for granted ty i always thought we had our whole lives ahead of us to do whatever we wanted but reality is your gone forever baby <3 Goodnight ty <3 RIP


God saw you getting tired
and a cure was not meant to be.
So He put His arms around you
and He said "Come to me."
With tearful eyes
we watched you pass away.
Although we loved you dearly
we could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating
hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts
to prove to us
He only takes the best.


TY / Michael Moffi (Friend)  Read >>
TY / Michael Moffi (Friend)
I learned that it is the weak who are cruel and that gentleness is to be expected only from the strong...... You are the STRONG TY Close
another holiday without you  / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
another holiday without you  / Mom (mommy)
My dear son another holiday without you another day that we have to put smiles on our face for your brother but just can't bare the truth .
Another holiday spent at the cemetary just sitting in disbeleif of why .How sad we know that you are so sad that you are not here that there was nothing you lovef more than life and your family .
How does one ome to peace with that.
Your third annial run was the best yet and the showeing of love and support just was heartwarming ll the way around .
No one is forgetting better yet they are coming up more and more with full force power -it is just unbelievable. If they really knew I mean really knew I can't fathom how angry and frustrated these people would be ... One thing I know I will never stop until I ensure that the system and that this foundation keeps people safe and educated along with accountability.
It may take long it may take days years whatever but eventually each of us pay for the good and bad in our lives .
All I know is how sad Rian 21 years old this monththe balloons went up and who would ever think there would be obe for you that you would not be sending it up. Close
Hey Ty  / Mia Simon (Friend)  Read >>
Hey Ty  / Mia Simon (Friend)

Hey Tyler

Looking through this website I started crying. Senior year is finally here the moment we wanted so bad to come. It is so hard thinking you wont be at gradnite with us nor standing on stage at graduation. I still cant believe I wont run into you at school tomorrow. I know you're in a better place and I know you will always be with us - wherever we will go. You have left such an impact on my life thankyou for being such a good friend. I will never forget you especially the way you talked about Cole when he was first born... Your eyes lit up everytime you mentioned his named. He's growing into such a big boy you'd be so proud of him. Love you always and thank you for everything Tyler - you will always be in my heart. Love Mia

SO MUCH TO SAY  / Mom (mommy)  Read >>
SO MUCH TO SAY  / Mom (mommy)
How is it that on one end of the spectrum I feel so incredibly blessed and amazed by the people who surrounds us as a family and keep you embedded in their lives. Usually after a few months people move onnow 2 1/2 years later and more and more people are joining forces with us to keep others safe and you in their hearts. It is truly overwhelming that each day I receive another call from someone who is heartbroken from your story and sees the importance of what you had to  pay so deeply to teach. What a lesson to learn how many wonderful caringloving people there are that are out there. How many public agenciesfrom the policefish and wildlife attorneys the medical profession community store ownerseducators and so many others who in some way or another touch peoples lives every day care love and want to teach the lesson that you had to bring forth to help save others. How blessed can we be -I sit everyday as I receive the calls the letters and think to myself -why Tyler ? Children die everyday -I know why because you Tyler are any one's child you Tyler paid such a horrific price to bring forth something so important something that is so clearly preventable-but what a high price you had to pay along with all of us .How hard you fought to stay . How much you have lost and how much we as a family have lost ...You are any ones childbut so special so heroic -there is no one that fought harder that had to endure more than as a mother I want or can think about .How special you are and will always be to this world .
ON the other side how much pain we have and continue to face each day as a family when we watch your friends move on to their future the future you always talked about and couldn't wait to conquer.
The laughter the stories the hugs and the peace that you always brought just with your presence .These aren't things I am saying because you are not here they are things I have said from the day I gave birth to you . When your brother was born -your uncle told you you lost your status you looked at him with that confident smirk as if to say no one takes my place .Well I guess you showed him as you laid in his arms that horrible horrible day.No one will or could. And now you are the face that will save so many lives you are the face that will teach educate and help people to appreciate and open their hearts.For those who will never get it who will never have a heart you will teach them a lesson as well.For those who know that there are things that need to change but dont take the step to do it -when the price of sitting back is so high will think twice .
I always said dont play with fire with children it is not worth it -I never knew how important and substantial that saying would be ..
We wear heavy shoes each day and thOUGH I know no one would ever want to wear themnot for a moment -they are helping us pick our feet up and take a step each and every day ..
The good in people have outweighed the ones who arent worth a moment of our time . The love in people brings strength and change .

Our hearts are torn apart so much missed so much hurt and so much painbut you my son endured more than most in a lifetime so if you could fight as you did we will continue to fight for the safetythe love and what is right for every child.They all have the right to live a long healthy happy and successful life.They all haev the right to a future -Yours was taken away from all of us but we will fight for others because that was the ultimate lesson you have to teach . Close
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i love you  / Your Brother Love U. (your brother )
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